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, showing how isolated he is.Professor Yang told reporters, Chiang Kai-shek was a supporter of Sun Yat-linked policies. During the first KMT-CPC cooperation, he said a few words very famous words: "No not really Communists participate KMT KMT," "Three Principles of Communism is no false Three People's Principles." However, Chiang also think that the Three Principles is the only doctrine save China, the Chinese revolution must be led by the Chinese Kuomintang, the only one Command. He said: KMT is a big party, the Communist Party is a small party, a small party to make sacrifices, across from the Communist Party of Communists should participate in the KMT. nike lunarglide 4 womens   Early in the war, Chiang also suggested that the two parties have been canceled, the synthesis of a large party. Later, Chiang Kai-shek and the further development of these ideas as "a doctrine, a party or a leader" is not allowed outside the Three Principles of the other doctrine exist, it does not allow the existence of the party other than the KMT, has become fascism.■ Japan "non-resistance" began in 1928We have always believed that Chiang Kai-shek's policy of non-resistance against Japan began the "September 18" incident, but Zhang repeatedly claimed during his lifetime, "the policy of non-resistance" is his own decision, not Chiang Kai-shek's command, so that if Chiang had advocated "non-resistance policy" on a historical mystery. The Chiang Kai-shek's diary to see Professor Yang found that as early as 1928, Chiang Kai-shek have had decided not to resist. At that time, Chiang Kai-shek army expedition, arrived

in Shandong, Japanese troops occupied Jinan, creating "the May 30" tragedy, shot the Chinese people, killing 17 people when Chinese diplomats and other public Tsai, wanted to blow Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang did not want to let the Northern Expedition. May 10, two important figures to Nanjing Kuomintang and Chiang Shandong meeting, study attitudes towards Japan, in the end is playing or not playing. Chiang Kai-shek wrote in his diary: "The decision of non-resistance." Later Expedition will therefore have a detour to the north of action.   nike free 5.0+ mens  This diary is conclusive proof that Chiang was not without resistance from "918" to start as early as three years ago, in 1928 already had this decision. Chiang wrote in his diary:. "The main task is the Northern Expedition, was down lin; fight the Japanese, the Northern Expedition will not be a" Professor Young said this line: it was how to deal with it properly  Requires in-depth study: "This diary solve the mystery, but also raised new questions."■ How to become a dictator Chiang Kai-shek For this problem, Professor Yang said that Chiang Kai-shek from the Sun Yat-sen's trust got to get rid of Wang Jingwei, to master the military and political power, has gone through three stages in between.Previously, Chiang Kai-shek was a few people with military accomplishment sen side. Chiang studied military science in Japan, professionally trained, such a person, Sun Yat-sen around much. Thus, while Chiang Kai-shek very headstrong, but he still got the

 trust of Sun Yat-sen.In addition, the Chiang Kai-shek had done a very consistent sen mind thing, and that is after the Revolution assassination Restoration League leaders of Tao.Professor Young said: "Before the Revolution, Sun Yat-sen, and there is a great contradiction of Tao; After the revolution, the contradiction is more powerful Sun honorable, does not advocate sent to assassinate pottery, but to get rid of pottery, consistent with the aspirations Sun.." Chiang Kai-shek's diary has this to say: "I kill of Tao, which is something I had not reported Mr. Xiang Sun, Mr. Sun did not and I talked about before, but I think it meets the aspirations of Mr. Sun This is his nike free 4.0 v3 mens  later important reason to trust me. "This is indeed Chiang's inner monologue.Off Wang can be said to be a "scholar met soldiers" adage. Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei revolution qualifications than the old, is the biggest obstacle on the way of Chiang rise. But Wang is a scholar, no army, no guns. I had a teacher Wang might grasp, commander Wang Mao Gong, Wang wanted to promote him as a commander. At the time of the sequence, leaving the preparation of an Army commander is not specified, which makes Chiang Kai-shek was very nervous; addition, when Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei reducing the principal funding Whampoa Military Academy,

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 write a book came out. ""Someone has written a book" is the "destiny of China" Chiang name; "We also want to write," is "On Coalition Government." "China's Destiny" published in 1943, touting "No no Chinese Kuomintang," as correspondence, a song will soon be diametrically opposed to the creation of it, the song is called "Without the Communist Party there would be no China." When the anti-Japanese base areas behind enemy lines in 1945,not only for this great book generated strong interest, but also produced a study of Chinese history ideas. Given a character even more puzzling is that Mao is also determined by reading into the classroom freedom to study, research scholarship idea. In spite of his character and given an instructor decided to drop out to discourage conduct self-study.Given a break again in Beijing in 1918, has been Anfuku Congressman. Mao Zedong and other things for the organization of work-study program in France, came to Beijing twice and get character given a teacher's help. 1925, given a break back to Chang  nike free 3.0 v4 mens  sha mothering, when he was at a relative's home in the provincial Secretary-General to see Mao's secret power of arrest, he immediately said: "You do not catch him, he will be in your future success I above. "Mao Zedong to secure dangerous condition.After the outbreak of the war, refused to break the KMT's given a Gaoguanhoulu, Gordon decided to return to set up education. During Gordon, because a relationship with the Communists brutally arrested get released from prison under the multi-rescue. Early 1946, a heavy character set on Peking, met with representatives of the CPC Ye Jianying, the lease of the house and make yourself a few, CPC delegation for use. In June, an operator should be invited Yan'an Mao Zedong reminisced. Fu, who came to be a symbol Defang daughter of Yan'an, Mao Zedong's been

warmly welcomed. After a return to Peking character set, because the Communist Party's policy to actively promote the two were arrested in various Peking University Professor Ye Jianying and joint rescue was finally free. 1948 autumn breaks given a call to respond to the CPC, the CPPCC actively participated in the preparatory work for a new, make-up out of the city, came to Xibaipo, again by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other central leaders welcome. After temporarily United Front seat lijiazhuang.Soon, Mao Zedong launched three campaigns shocked the world. Given a character based on their years of occupying Peking, to the ancient city of familiar situations, Mao Zedong put forward a proposal to the liberation of Peking, namely: "first capture Tianjin, and then seize Peking; Tianjin is the gateway to Peking, after the capture of Tianjin, Peking will not attack Since the break, get peaceful liberationnike free 3.0 v5 mens   so that neither destroy the cultural capital, and not leave the people's life and property losses, greatly beneficial to the country and the people, for the benefit of not shallow. "character of this proposal by the CPC Central Committee great attention. And Mao Zedong in the development of operational policy Tianjin Campaign, when the teacher is undoubtedly draw a character given a proposal. Therefore, when the peaceful

liberation of Peking become a reality, Mao Zedong first thought is given a break. He saw the face of one of the character set and said:! "You come for a long time, I was too busy, have not been able to see you, please forgive Mr. pay more today, I see you on the one hand, on the other hand a report to you good news. ""What good news " Symbol given a curiously asked."Command has received a telegram yesterday General Fu has been in favor of our conditions, and he did not resist us, peaceful liberation of Peking, and the upcoming handover. Took over the work we have already made preparations to take over the city all the days of my Army . General Fu army, will open to the spot for the army's reorganization. General Fu have a special request, he should come here to see me in person and we certainly agree with him. "very strong meaning of Mao Xing said.In this regard, one is expected of the character set. But nike roshe run women   when he hear Mao's talk, or should I say the phrase: "the people expected, this is everyone's hope!" Then he said, "This is a broad-minded Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of the wise dictates otherwise, how can the peaceful liberation of Peking  "Mao Zedong hear slightly shook his head humbly say "this is what the people played a role in the decision." Then he added, "Fu Tso doing well, the people of Peking, Peking's ancient buildings can be protected from loss of war, this time with Chiang Kai-Fu Tso determined to break the people standing on the side of China, considered him a great service legislation, People will never forget him. "Given a character called the three dynasties # # # Since the late Qing emperor, Yuan Shikai and

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 launched a local counterattack, the scale of the development of the New Fourth Army Eighth Route 91 million, when the slogan was added a very important word, has become a "no new China without the Communist Party."When Mao Zedong thought significance after the peaceful liberation of Peking, he still could not resist the excitement around the work of Comrade said: "peaceful liberation of Peking global significance which not only reduces the enemy casualties and losses, more important is the protection of historical relics. , from supra skytop australia  destruction of the war, a lot of good for our future generations. worldwide friends will support us to do so. "Mao's chief bodyguard Yan Changlin heard these words, fight heart is happy. However, he most clearly Tianjin Campaign can achieve such an outcome, Mao spent many sleepless nights in return. Thus, he was a bit distressed and said: "Mr President, these days you rarely sleep last night, and intense work all night, and now the bed.""No!" Mao Zedong waved, "go, we went to see lijiazhuang Mr. Fu given a go."Given a character, word, Yu Cheng, and the word plum Um, Hunan Hengshan people. He was born in 1877 with a full door scholarly family. Childhood into school, learned

the Pentateuch four books, more comprehensive accepted the traditional culture, the government admitted Hengyang Normal School, after graduating into the Imperial University (the predecessor of Peking). During this period, he gradually began to accept Western culture. Graduation, he served as secretary of the senate. After returning to Hunan in education, served as president of Yuelu Academy, Hunan Provincial Education Presidency, Hunan and high school principals, Hunan First Normal School principals and other staff, called the first of its kind in Modern open-generation large-educator. 1912, that is, higher secondary school he founded in Changsha, Hunan province and president, when nineteen-year party came to Changsha, Shaoshan Mao Zedong from the candidatesupra owen for sale  to first place honors were admitted to the school.Fu Qing Dynasty set a society aware of the darkness, the most worried about the "relationship between the students" admitted he presided schools. Thus, he not only strict examination rules, but also personally review matriculated student papers. When he reviewed the papers of Mao Zedong, deep in their outside Hong Stanford, style maneuvers of infection, for which he decided to personally pleasure of seeing Mao. However, when seen from the candidates Xiangtan countryside, wearing homespun clothes, he amazed, could not help but ask ourselves issued this: "  He could write such a good article you" Although I also believe that the character set "Soma knowledge

thin, poor fortune teller to know, "the old saying, but he has to personally interview once. To this end, he called to the principal's office Mao, down five thousand years, eight thousand years, embarrassing the village down the candidates from all aspects. That he expected that Mao calmly repartee, often remark respond. Then, given a break to dispel doubts idea. However, his heart for educators that are unique to horses, Suiyou immediately remove the paper, pens, Youyi trial of thesis writing. In this regard, Mao Zedong pondered a little, show paper brush, Fei dance, one go. Given a break after reading this graceful, flew to the article to be amazed. Later in nike free 5.0 v4 womens his words, he "finds Mao Zedong was a worthy amplifier can be created by the material, determined to make good cultivation."Fu Mao Zedong encouraged to learn a set of classical literature, history, ethics, etc., inspired by Mao Zedong's swim in the ocean intellectual. He found that Mao Zedong had used up the energy and time and later, by unspoken language teacher put a collection of willow "receive Royal Assent ancient Chronicle series" lend Zedong extracurricular reading. Mao reading this on since time immemorial, down to the Ming Dynasty - the process of a total of one hundred and sixteen volumes of ancient Chinese chronicles,

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